Mount Carmel

Opportunity Is Here 

Welcome to Mount Carmel and Wabash County, Illinois; we’re glad you dropped by, and we hope you’ll come visit and decide to stay. Opportunity abounds here in this corner of Southeastern Illinois, whether you’re interested in starting a business, taking advantage of our natural resources, enjoying our quality of life, or just getting to know us, you will find opportunity is here!

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Opportunity Is Here 

You will find there is a great quality of life here, and we are striving to make it better every day with engaged community volunteers. We are building new leisure assets all the time, for sports, theater, the arts, dining, and we would like to have you come enjoy them or even help us build what you like to do. Join us and see how much opportunity is here!

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Opportunity Is Here 

What do you want to be when you grow up? In Wabash County, we want to help you find out so you can follow your dreams. We’re creating a community wide entrepreneurship support system to encourage and help you, from your teens to retirement, to sustain yourself following your passion. Life’s better when you like your work. In Mount Carmel, opportunity is here!

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Opportunity is Here 

Education is so important today, and it’s even more important to learn something relevant. In Mount Carmel, we are introducing “Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities” (CEO) into our High School and our own Wabash Valley College, and we are actively facilitating dialog between educators and the business community to improve the quality and relevance of education. Come see what a difference it makes when opportunity is here!

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Purpose & Vision

To research successful economic development strategies.

To analyze processes that can facilitate our economic development.

To create a vision for our economic development efforts.

To communicate our vision to the community

Vision: To create a community where every person has an opportunity to become economically viable; where youth can fulfill their dreams; and where the quality of life and sense of community reflect the shared desire of the people for a great place to call home.


We believe that sustainable economic growth is an integral part of our mission and will dramatically affect the future well-being of every citizen of Wabash County. It is vital to create opportunities for businesses, both existing and new. It is equally vital to prepare those looking for better paying jobs, and those interested in starting new businesses to become self sustaining economic entities. In doing so, we will create a more stable economy that retains our youth, our brain power, and the lifestyle we all desire.