Mount Carmel Area Economic Alliance

The Mount Carmel Area Economic Alliance was established in 1963. It’s a dynamic force driving economic growth and community development. 

Through extensive research and analysis, we craft strategic plans to enhance both economic prosperity and quality of life in Mount Carmel. Our vision-driven approach fosters entrepreneurship, promotes recreational and educational opportunities, and facilitates commercial real estate ventures, ensuring a thriving and sustainable future for our community.

Our Purpose

  • Research successful economic development organizations
  • Analyze processes that can facilitate economic development in our community
  • Create a vision for our economic development efforts and communicate it to our community

Our Vision

To create a community where everyone is economically viable, our youth can fulfill their dreams, and the quality of life and sense of place reflect the shared desires of the people.

Our Mission

We believe that sustainable economic growth is an integral part of our mission and will dramatically affect the future well-being of every citizen of Wabash County. It is vital to create opportunities for businesses, both existing and new. It is equally vital to prepare those looking for better-paying jobs, and those interested in starting new businesses to become self-sustaining economic entities. In doing so, we will create a more stable economy that retains our youth, our brain power, and the lifestyle we all desire.

Board Members