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Educational Opportunities

Encouraging life-long learning in Wabash County is at the heart of our work. We collaborate with the local high school and college to facilitate access to educational programs and training opportunities.

By investing in education and skills development, we empower individuals in Mount Carmel to pursue meaningful careers and contribute to the economic vitality of the community.


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Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Current and aspiring entrepreneurs are at the heart of what we do. To facilitate their growth, we offer support and resources, including access to business development workshops, mentorship programs, and networking events.

Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO)

CEO is a dual-credit class offered to High School Juniors, Seniors and college Freshmen in Mt. Carmel, Albion and Grayville. This program never meets in a classroom, instead, they tour businesses and hear from professionals in the community.

Accelerated Advanced Manufacturing Program (AAMP)

The AAMP program is a cooperative manufacturing education program between Mt. Carmel High School and Wabash Valley College.

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Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

Mount Carmel Area of Economic Alliance actively works to identify and promote commercial real estate opportunities in Mount Carmel. We connect investors with suitable properties, advocate for favorable development policies, and facilitate negotiations to stimulate commercial growth and property investment in the area.

At any given moment, there are a variety of available commercial real estate properties in Wabash County. To learn more information about available real estate, please call Ryan Turner, Mt. Carmel City Administrator / City Clerk

Phone Number:
(618) 262-4822

What will you experience?

Recreational Opportunities

Through partnerships with local organizations and volunteers, we promote the development and maintenance of recreational facilities and programs throughout Mount Carmel. 

Whether it’s for leisure, exercise, or social interaction, we’re providing residents with endless opportunities to enjoy our community.

Pickleball Courts

Local Dining

Tennis Courts


Local Festivals

Small Business and Local Shopping

Golf Course

Basketball Courts

Community Plays

Live Music

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